Crema Limone Panettone


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A delicious lemon Christmas cake, Panettone Crema Limone Gilber is from first class panettone makers located in Turin. They only use 48-hour naturally leavened sourdough and the best products to produce this panettone.

Ingredients: wheat flour, lemon cream 25% (glucose syrup, water, sugar, vegetable fats (coconut, sunflower, cotton, safflower in var. prop.), sweetened egg yolk (of which 50% sugar, 50% egg yolk), ethyl alcohol, milk preparation (skimmed milk powder, milk powder, milk proteins), potato starch, serum of milk powder, gelling agent: pectin, preserving agent: potassium sorbate, flavourings: lemon juice concentrate 0,12%, salt)), butter, egg yolk, sugar, candied lemon peel paste (lemon glucose-fructose syrup, sugar), natural leavening (wheat flour, water), inverted sugar syrup, emulsifying agent mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids from vegetable origin, salt, natural flavourings of lemon. May contain traces of nuts, peanuts, soy and pistachio.