Retirement Announcements

Dear Parents,

You would have received the news of the retirement of Miss Lynda Gillard (Head of Art, Junior School) and Mrs. Hilary Morren (Deputy Head (Pastoral)).  The Friends will be marking the occasion by calling for donations for their retirement gifts.

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Miss Lynda Gillard

Head of Art, Junior School

Miss Lynda Gillard is retiring after 33 years at King’s and 23 years as Head of Art in the Junior School. Miss Gillard has inspired a love of Art in many generations of King’s pupils, teaching many of them across both Junior and Senior Schools.

Mrs. Hilary Morren

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

Mrs Hilary Morren is leaving King’s after 34 years, which comprise 13 years in the Senior School and 21 years in the Junior School either side of a short hiatus.

Mrs Morren is unfailingly modest, sharply intelligent and kind. In her capacity as Deputy Head (Pastoral) we have valued her wisdom, advice and guidance navigating the challenges of the pandemic which included remote learning , face coverings, social distancing through to all pastoral matters and guidance to pupils and parents on a wide range of topics including her timely reminders on end of term arrangements,  ‘the party scene’ hosting of parties to cautions around ‘edibles’ and advice on peer pressure.

Mrs Morren has had a profound influence on the pastoral fabric of King’s, working tirelessly to safeguard the wellbeing of thousands of pupils over many generations.

Make a donation to Mrs. Morren’s retirement

Make a donation to Miss Gillard’s retirement

We are calling for donations to contribute to their retirement gifts. If you wish to donate*, please do so via the donation buttons above.

Donations will be accepted until 5pm on Wednesday 5 July 2023 (End of term).

Thank you in anticipation for your generosity.


Michelle Gilligan

Chair, The Friends of King’s

* Donation proceeds are not made to the account of or for the benefit of The Friends. The Friends are facilitating the platform for convenience with all proceeds going to the intended recipient.