Terms & Conditions


By purchasing a ticket and attending the event you accept the following terms and conditions.

  • – Tickets are non-refundable in the event that the fireworks are cancelled. Tickets are not transferable and should not be offered for re-sale. Ticket purchases are limited to a maximum of 5 tickets.
  • – We will accept returns and a waitlist will operate. Further information on returns and waitlist operation will be provided separately.
  • – Covid measures – To attend the event, you must be symptom free. In addition, we expect all visitors to have
  •    – (i) taken an LFT test 24 hours before;
  •   – (ii) have immunity through having had a positive PCR test in the previous 90 days; or
  • –  (iii) proof of double vaccination. 
  • – Tickets are restricted to a maximum number of 5. We reserve our right to cancel and refund tickets purchased in excess of this number without prior notification of such cancellation and may charge an administrative fee for such cancellation. 



  • – The main entrance and exit are through the Coach car park at the Ridgway entrance.
  • – Emergency exits are located at the Ridgway gates near the tennis courts and via the Peregrine way.
  • – Strictly no illegal substances, alcohol or bottles of any kind are allowed on site, and any found will be confiscated. 
  • – No sparklers or other fireworks are allowed on site for the safety of others and to avoid damage to the grounds.
  • – ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘First Aid’ are located in the tennis hut.
  • – Toilets (including disabled facilities) are located past the bar towards Peregrine way.
  • – There will be NO RE-ENTRY if you leave the grounds.
  • – We recommend that families with young children eat as early as possible. There will be entertainment for them from 5.30 pm.
  • – Be aware that sound levels on the safety line during the fireworks display will be very HIGH/LOUD.
  • There will be both cash (please bring small denomination notes and coins) and contactless options available at all stalls.
  • Please respect our neighbours when leaving the grounds.
  • – The above is subject to change.  Please check for any updates or otherwise email


Become a ‘Friend of the Fireworks

This year for the first time we are offering a unique opportunity to support the fireworks’ event by way of a special, limited-edition membership. You can become an exclusive member for a one-off payment of £50 which gives you early access to purchase tickets (maximum 5) prior to general release. In addition, you may opt to have your name featured as a ‘Friend of the Fireworks’ in the event programme and on The Friends of King’s website as a supporter of the event. Given the event is usually oversubscribed and tickets sell out within 24 hours of release we believe this is a unique opportunity to support our event and secure tickets. The ‘Friends of Fireworks’ membership offer is limited to 40 members, on a first come first served basis.   

You can only purchase 1 membership per customer with a limit of 5 tickets purchased with your membership.

Once a membership has been purchased, you can use the ‘Friends of Fireworks’ button on your account dashboard (DASHBOARD)  to go on and purchase your tickets (limit of 5 tickets). 

Please note that ticket purchases are restricted to a maximum number of 5. We reserve our right to cancel tickets purchased in excess of this number without prior notification of such cancellation and charge an administrative fee for such cancellation.

You may purchase additional tickets outside of your membership through the general release of tickets on September 27th.